Question on information

Hey there folks,

I’ve been looking into systems for third party data collection as part of a design project for my final year of university. I don’t need any programming level information yet as I’m unsure which method of data collection I’m going to be using (I’m currently looking at Opensync, TR-369 and XMiDT). Due to this, I was wondering if there were any high level articles or documents on XMiDT to try and get familiar with the system before I move forward. I’m simply looking for short answer questions on things like what it can monitor, how to implement XMiDT on newer (or older if possible) devices, how it collects data and things like that.

If this isn’t allowed please let me know and I’ll remove it immediately!

Feel free to ask your questions. It will probably be easiest to submit generic questions against the central repo. This will make it easier to search for later down the line.

Most of docs about deploying xmidt is here. If you have any questions about the specific services, please create an issue against the specific service because that means we need to improve our docs.

Is there any specific method to submitting questions against the repo? I’ve been reading through it for the past few hours and haven’t had much luck finding answers to my questions or a place to post them.

Go ahead and post your questions here.