Splitting up webpa-common

Below is some brainstorming on what to do with packages in webpa-common. We agreed that we don’t want to modify this in webpa-common, but instead make new repositories for all of the packages we still want to keep and then mark webpa-common as deprecated / not being worked on.

Here is a list of all the webpa-common packages and what to do with them:

Here is a preliminary grouping for the packages we want to continue to use:

We also want to rename a lot of these packages. Some of the names are inaccurate and others are too generic.

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A low hanging fruit first step seems to be deprecating the packages on the delete column (following the standard laid out here: https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/Deprecated)

Potential path down the road:

  1. Migrate packages under the migrate column
  2. Replace packages under the change to standard library col after due research
  3. Deprecate and archive entire github repository (Make this clear in the repo readme)
  4. Delete repository if WebPA/XMiDT community is okay with this.