XMIDT and Codex helm charts

Would like to discuss how we want to manage xmidt and codex (not available yet, but would like to create/contribute) helm charts for kubernetes deployment.

For XMIDT, helm charts is part of the APP code repo.

Would it be better to separate out helm charts into it own repo like other projects?

Was thinking we have new repos like xmidt-helm-charts or codex-helm-charts. xmidt and codex-deploy will just have umbrella chart that use helm packages released from xmidt-helm-charts or codex-helm-charts repos.

I like this idea. Alot of the code still needs to be flushed out. For example, since the addition of using spruce in the docker containers ,we can remove providing a raw yaml file. Some of the templating might be broken too. Another pair of eyes looking over the config would be awesome.

As a starting place, please submit PRs to https://github.com/xmidt-org/xmidt, in deploy/kubernetes/.

Sound good, will also put codex helm chart here (codex-deploy/tree/master/deploy/kubernetes) for now.

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